5 Ways A Blog Can Boost Your Potential

5 Ways A Blog Can Boost Your Potential

Realizing the potential of blogging goes beyond the usual notion of making money.  With the following 5 ways, discover the hidden value that will keep giving in years to come.

1) Improves your writing

A blog is an ideal place to start.  Even the best writers re-draft their materials numerous times.  Don’t get hung up about “not being good enough”.  Before promoting your articles to the world, share with a trusted (and knowledgeable friend!) to help point out potential mistakes.  Eventually, you’ll pick up speed and using awareness of your pitfalls, create content that’s flawless!

2) Learn transferable skills

Your blog doesn’t have to be award-winning in order to be worthy.   Creating a blog for the sole purpose of learning how to put together a website puts you at a great advantage! WordPress skills are much sought-after and often employed by those who want to write, but are really disinterested in the technicalities of running a website.  Even if you feel your blog makes no sense, or is a flop, you may have just mastered a lucrative, back-end skill! 🙂

3) Stay ahead of employment competition

The world of work is getting increasingly automated and remote-based.  To stay in competition and stick out for the best opportunities, you must have an internet presence. The easiest way to do this is via a blog!  Of course, there are other channels, such as YouTube and social media where you can have your own pages, but generally it’s great to have a home base (your blog) to link all your activities.

4) Shows you’re independently proactive 

Sometimes, a CV or a LinkedIn profile cannot give a full picture of who you are or indeed the skill-set you possess.  A blog displays so much more.  It shows of your readiness to share your expertise, knowledge, or personality with the world and proves that you’re proactive (a desirable trait) in contributing to society.

5) Opens opportunities related to your interests

Here’s the 64 thousand dollar point that attracts so many to the world of blogging. Making money! We’re all guilty of it *cough*. Of course, it’s what everyone wants, but it shouldn’t be the initial impetus for setting up a blog, for the reasons stated above.   Receiving free merchandise for the purpose of reviewing, using affiliate links (whereby you can get a percentage from a resulting sale) is just scratching the surface of what could potentially be a lucrative income.  This should be treated however, as an afterthought.  If it happens, great!  If not, you’re well on the route to success by not only providing value to your followers, but also to yourself in terms of education and future employability 🙂

Got any blogging tips, useful anecdotes for beginners?  Please do feel free to comment below 🙂


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